Sunday, April 3, 2011


Mikan has these straps that start around his waist and twist around his legs until culminating by attaching to his shoes. These straps are supposed to prevent him from toeing inward while he walks. They are called derotation straps. They pretty much remain covered by pants. I hadn't heard of them either.

Well, at a party this weekend they came a little unstrapped while Mikan was cruising around. An old lady was like, "You need your shoes tied!" So she chased him down and tried to tie them like laces. Then she realized they weren't shoe laces. I just said, "You can tuck them into his shoes." She looked at me and said "Okay."

I didn't explain what they were. I'm not sure how much to explain to people who we'll probably not see again. I also wonder what she thought they were.


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the three wise menn said...

Abigail did de-rotation straps for a while too. :) We have stopped until post surgery/seeing an orthopedist to figure out what to do from here...but they made a HUGE difference while she was wearing them.
They weren't the best looking thing in the summer, but the worked well!!