Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring Break-Physiatry Appointment

When Anica is on her belly and tries to move around, Mikan says, "Anica crawl." Then Mikan shows Anica how to crawl. Mikan now jazzes up his crawl with ribbiting like a frog and jump like a frog. Thanks Hopkins.

Mikan and me reading in our tent before bed.

Mikan at Hinkle Fieldhouse. Championship game for the movie Hoosiers. Home of the national runner-up Butler Bulldogs.

Mikan's spring break has been pretty low key.

Monday-three therapies
Tuesday-One doctor's appointment, for a hearing test. But his ears had some fluid, so we'll have to redo it again later.
Wednesday-WIC appointment. He cried as we left because they had puzzle of the states.
Thursday-Indy Physiatry Appointment. He did a great job without a nap. The doctor wants to withdraw some of the night bracing to see if his gains over the past three months can be sustained without the night bracing.
Friday-Cousin morning visit. "Jack Jump. Jump Jack."

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DevonLeah said...

Love his noises and voice!! And Anica is SO PRETTY!!