Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Singing and Studying

After a long trip in the car, Mikan gets a little stir crazy, but puts the energy into his new favorite song (After "The 50 Nifty United States" of course).

This clip is from the waiting room at the physiatrist's office.

Ever since we dug out for Anica a Bumbo chair we borrowed from some friends when Mikan was young, he has been fixated on sitting in it. And he demands we squeeze the tray on too. I'm not sure what if it hurts or helps his sitting at this age. Oh well.

Although I signed up a while ago, I've just started exploring BlogFrog. It's a site that allows bloggers to communicate with each other within an established community. For example, anyone who follows this blog can communicate with anyone else who reads it inside of my Baby in the Bend Community. You are able to communicate with more people than just the blog author. I've set up two communities located on the left side of this page. I'd love for you to join them and reply to my discussions or start your own. You don't have to have experience with a special needs child to join my community, just an interest in this blog.

A wonderful new respite care facility in our area has asked people to sign a petition to stop new Medicaid legislation that would cut or eliminate nursing for those on the Medicaid waiver. The Medicaid waiver allows children with medical issues to be a part of a revised Medicaid program even if the parents' income exceeds the normal alloted amount for the traditional Medicaid program. Right now Medicaid waiver pays for Mikan's nursing. We are fortunate enough to be able to have one of us remain at home to care for Mikan if we didn't have nursing, but many families cannot manage this. If these funds are cut, medically fragile children may be forced into institutions if families are unable to care for them at home. Please visit the petition website and sign it so that more children will be able to heal at home.


DevonLeah said...

SO enjoyed those videos! He is amazing. Petition signed. =0)

Kathy said...

What a great site and what a doll! I am the mother of a daughter with special needs and always like to connect with others going through their own journey. I found you on the SITS group on Blog Frog and am now following you. Thanks!