Monday, April 11, 2011

Glimpses of Progress

Mikan and Cousin Jack on the iPad.

I'd like to make one final push for the March of Dimes. We walk this weekend to remember many babies born too soon, celebrate their lives, and maintain an optimism for better outcomes. If you'd like to donate to Team Mikan Boy and support the March of Dimes, please click on the link in the left margin of this page. Help us make sure more babies are given the chance to live that Mikan was and even more are born healthier than him.

Well we couldn't have been more pleased with Mikan's last physiatry appointment. The doctor said although Mikan still isn't walking, she thought he was finally ready. His nervous system is mature enough to walk independently. More relieving was the news that she thought he only needed more therapy and more time (no medicines, botox injections, or surgeries). "More therapy" and "more time" is a very familiar mantra to us, and we aren't too naive to understand that although we've been told this, it doesn't always turn out to be all that is needed; however, we have to cling to something. We have noticed some improvements with his sitting and cruising. I saw him stand up from a sitting position on an outside step and grab his walker all by himself for the first time yesterday. He also grabbed a railing and caught a little bit of air when he tried to jump. This is huge progress after months of stagnation. The doctor reccommended some water therapy, so we are looking into finding a public pool for him this summer.

Mikan's cognitive skills remain sharp. Last night I asked him some of the state capitals on a whim. He could name the capital of every state I quizzed him on. The miracles of YouTube.

Often when Mikan sees me carrying around Anica, his reaction is to yell "BABY DOWN!" and flail his limbs and spin in circles on the floor in a full-fledged tantrum. From what I've been told about John's toddler years and time spent in the department store with his mom, Mikan may come by it honestly. But this weekend he spent a lot of time in her face saying "Hi Anica" and giving her kisses and knuckles. That's a little refreshing.

I'd like to thank Geoffrey Chaucer for aiding both of my children in exersaucer stability before they met the product's official length guidelines. How could he have known the plethora of practical benefits Canterbury Tales would bring? My Chaucer professor would be happy he isn't collecting dust on my bookshelf.

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Mrs. Milanowski said...

Hmmmmm, Chaucer, would that be Ros Clark? She always told the best stories about sneaking out of Oxford in a mini skirt.

I just wanted to let you know I always check in to see how Mikan and your family are. Even though I don't get to see you often, I'm glad I can still check in and see how things are going!