Thursday, April 21, 2011


These pictures were taken by my former student Tara. She's taken several beautiful pictures of the kids for us, and her skill set is quite eclectic. Her portfolio is pretty impressive. You can check out her website if you are interested in seeing more of her work. Some of Anica's pictures are on the site under "special" and "babies." Mikan loved playing with the chicks. He kept ordering the chicks around during the shoot, saying "Chicks down!" or "Chicks on table!"

Mikan's repeat sleep study has finally been scheduled for the end of May. He failed his last sleep study, but not miserably enough to prevent him from being decannulated. Because the study was done with a capped trach, the ENT said that we may have received skewed results. The neurologist wasn't so positive though. He needs a repeat study done to determine whether he really has sleep apnea, possibly needing his tonsils and adnoids removed, or if the poor results were merely due to his capped trach. I'm struggling to remember anything positive about our last sleep study experience. They gave us free orange juice in the morning?

For the last week, Mikan has only eaten cereal and Pediasure. He isn't interested in anything else. This eating journey is long, tedious, and full of dead ends. I know. He needs more time. And more therapy.

However, Mikan is doing great in school from what his teachers say. One of his nurses overheard an aid helping him fill out an "all about me" sheet. He was supposed to fill in the blank "When I grow up, I want to be a ___." When the aid asked him what he wanted to be, he didn't respond. So she decided his silence meant "firefighter." That made me laugh when I heard the story from his nurse. I wonder how many worksheets I brought home from preschool that were completely fabricated by my teachers.

But Mikan's anxiety at school has decreased. I can say "goodbye" and the door, then his nurse walks him to the classroom and says "goodbye," and he goes with his teacher for the rest of the day and participates in everything he is supposed to.

Happy early Easter to everyone. God bless.


DevonLeah said...

yes, long and tedious...Im feeling that these days too w the eating department....
Mikan has made some huge progross and Im so proud of him. And he is the cutest little thing too. =0)

Colleen said...

Adorable pics!! I hope you have a happy Easter!

Jennifer said...

I''m here if you need me...glad to hear that the transition to the classroom is going better. Yay, Mikan!

The Redhead Riter said...

I totally love this post and picture. He is so adorable with the little chickies with his beautiful smile!

He helps us remember that everything and every moment is precious. We shouldn't let them pass us by with ingratitude, but should become more like a child.