Friday, March 4, 2011

New AFOs

Mikan got his new AFOs. We chose letters and numbers so he'd be more excited about wearing them. He also wears a knee immobilizer (with a Charlie Brown pattern) with one of the braces at night to give him an extra stretch while he sleeps. He tolerates it ok now, but when he wakes up, he immediately says, "Brown off!" He walks more awkwardly with the AFOs because they completely restrict any movement in his feet. He can't point his toes like he wants to. This restriction is supposed to force his hips to rotate and strengthen so that he can begin to develop a normal gait. So far he is still adjusting to the new restrictions, we haven't yet noticed a difference; however, he does seem to stand with more stability independently. We follow-up with the physiatrist at the beginning of April to check his progress.

Beginning next week Mikan starts his clinic therapies and preschool. He gets ST, OT, and PT several times during the week at a clinic and then he also gets those services at his preschool along with vision therapy. I think going to school will be good for him. He needs to be around more of his peers. His case conference was a little depressing though. He basically qualifies for every single service imaginable. He has developmental delays in everything except cognition. He's come so far though it's hard to look at the delays as negative.

Tomorrow Mikan turns 3! Sunday we are having a combination Anica baptism/Mikan Sesame Street birthday party. I am making the cakes. If you remember the disaster dinosaur cake from last year you'd probably know this isn't a good idea. Practice makes perfect though :) I'll post pictures.


Jamie said...

happy birthday mikan! i can sense some frustration in your recent posts about mikan's recent appointments. i am thinking of you as you navigate new journey's. i'm excited to see how he does in preschool. i hope he enjoys it as much as adali does!

Kara @ Just1Step said...

I had no idea that Mikan and Krew have the same birthday! (Ok, I probably knew and forgot.) Happy birthday to Mikan!! :)