Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hat Parade

Mikan has a Spring Hat Parade at his school tomorrow. He was supposed to make a hat to wear around the school in a parade. Since he refuses to wear anything on his head that isn't a winter hat, we were forced to deocrate one of those. He wanted states and numbers on it. He chose Michigan, Wisconsin, and Texas for whatever reason. Those were special states to him this week I guess.

I didn't have a lot of ideas for ways to attach his favorite things to his hat. I'm sure once I see what other moms did, I'll do better next year. Good thing he doesn't care yet whether or not he has packaging tape wrapped around his head. And hopefully he's too young for people to be making fun of him.

He really enjoys identifying states. He recognizes most of them on a map, by name, and by shape.

School is going better. He is still a little anxious and asking for mom or one of his nurses at times throughout the day, but I think he will adjust soon. He enjoys all the activities they do with him.

We have a follow-up appointment with the physiatrist coming soon. She will assess his range with the new AFOs and determine the next course of treatment. We are looking at alternatives to Botox right now, so we are hoping she doesn't reccommend it at this point. We are pleased with the progress he's made with the new braces. While he still isn't walking, his flexibility seems to have improved, and we're optimistic that with a little more time, he will gain strength. Just a little more time.

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the three wise menn said...

I think I've shared with you before I have a nephew with c.p. If not, then I just did. :)
Anyway, he has never had botox. He had a surgery called selective dorsal rhisotomy (that may not be spelled correctly) that was amazing as far as the progress they saw.
If you are interested in hearing more about it you can e-mail me. I won't bring it up again if you aren't interested. :)

His state hat looks awesome! Enjoy the parade Mikan!!