Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hat Parade

Mikan has a Spring Hat Parade at his school tomorrow. He was supposed to make a hat to wear around the school in a parade. Since he refuses to wear anything on his head that isn't a winter hat, we were forced to deocrate one of those. He wanted states and numbers on it. He chose Michigan, Wisconsin, and Texas for whatever reason. Those were special states to him this week I guess.

I didn't have a lot of ideas for ways to attach his favorite things to his hat. I'm sure once I see what other moms did, I'll do better next year. Good thing he doesn't care yet whether or not he has packaging tape wrapped around his head. And hopefully he's too young for people to be making fun of him.

He really enjoys identifying states. He recognizes most of them on a map, by name, and by shape.

School is going better. He is still a little anxious and asking for mom or one of his nurses at times throughout the day, but I think he will adjust soon. He enjoys all the activities they do with him.

We have a follow-up appointment with the physiatrist coming soon. She will assess his range with the new AFOs and determine the next course of treatment. We are looking at alternatives to Botox right now, so we are hoping she doesn't reccommend it at this point. We are pleased with the progress he's made with the new braces. While he still isn't walking, his flexibility seems to have improved, and we're optimistic that with a little more time, he will gain strength. Just a little more time.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Back to School

Last week was Mikan's first day of preschool. We practiced with him for about a week on how to say, "Goodbye, Momma." When it came to the actual time, he knew what was supposed to happen. However, it was a little chaotic when he was in the hallway on the way to the room. So, he started to get anxious. Jenna was talking with the teacher right behind him. Mikan started deep breathing and spinning with his walker asking and signing for "Momma." Then Jenna squatted down and told him he was at school and with his teacher. After that Mikan continued crying and through his tears said, "Bye Bye Momma." Jenna then gave him a kiss and left.

Word is he calmed down shortly after but cried on and off throughout the 2.5 hours. He participated in most of the activities. He did not want to sit on the potty. But, he made a dinosaur picture. He ate Cheez-its during snack time (a favorite). He got to hold up a stop sign during a counting song. During gym time, the other students were fascinated with his walker and followed him around.

Jenna and I weren't there. Mikan's nurse was. I am dictating what Jenna said. I just wanted to get it all down while it was fresh. Mikan did talk about some of the things he did once I got home. He appears to be excited about school.

Really, three years already? Really?

Happy Birthday Mikan Boy!

On March 5th, Mikan turned 3. We're so proud of how far he's come. On Sunday we celebrated Anica's baptism and Mikan's birthday. If you have four minutes to spare, enjoy the montage of his past week. Near the end of the video, when he falls while trying to cruise on our bed, notice how he picks up one of his dad's socks from the floor and uses it as a kleenex.

Friday, March 4, 2011

New AFOs

Mikan got his new AFOs. We chose letters and numbers so he'd be more excited about wearing them. He also wears a knee immobilizer (with a Charlie Brown pattern) with one of the braces at night to give him an extra stretch while he sleeps. He tolerates it ok now, but when he wakes up, he immediately says, "Brown off!" He walks more awkwardly with the AFOs because they completely restrict any movement in his feet. He can't point his toes like he wants to. This restriction is supposed to force his hips to rotate and strengthen so that he can begin to develop a normal gait. So far he is still adjusting to the new restrictions, we haven't yet noticed a difference; however, he does seem to stand with more stability independently. We follow-up with the physiatrist at the beginning of April to check his progress.

Beginning next week Mikan starts his clinic therapies and preschool. He gets ST, OT, and PT several times during the week at a clinic and then he also gets those services at his preschool along with vision therapy. I think going to school will be good for him. He needs to be around more of his peers. His case conference was a little depressing though. He basically qualifies for every single service imaginable. He has developmental delays in everything except cognition. He's come so far though it's hard to look at the delays as negative.

Tomorrow Mikan turns 3! Sunday we are having a combination Anica baptism/Mikan Sesame Street birthday party. I am making the cakes. If you remember the disaster dinosaur cake from last year you'd probably know this isn't a good idea. Practice makes perfect though :) I'll post pictures.