Friday, February 4, 2011

We're Off to See the Wizard

This April we are walking to support the March of Dimes. Please help more babies like Mikan have a chance at life. You can click on Mikan's picture on the left side of the blog to view our fundraising page. Any donation helps. Thanks for your support!

We took Mikan to get his new set of glasses this week. He hates other people putting things on his face. He had a few meltdowns. I think the Eye Center was pleased when we left. Anyway, the glasses should come in within the next week. He will use the new glasses when he is inside mostly and maybe for school. We will use his current glasses when he is looking at things farther away outside. The optometrist said he will get used to switching and it will become obvious when to use which pair. Too bad he can't just get progressive contacts.

We see the physiatrist next week. We are hoping for some answers. Right now I feel like I am treating this person like the Wizard of Oz. I am hoping she is more than a man behind a curtain. Or else she gives us some great advice like the Wizard gave Dorothy and Friends, like "Mikan's had the ability to learn to walk this whole time, he just needed to look inside himself."

More playtime with Dad.

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Michelle and Sean said...

Hope the glasses work well!

What a fun video!!

Praying you get some answers from this appt with the psychiatrist!!