Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Glasses?

Mikan has been wearing his new glasses for several days now. I'm not sure I've noticed too much of a difference yet, but I'm optimistic that maybe we will soon. He is supposed to use these for close up, and his old ones for distance. It's hard to figure out what is best for his eyes when he can't quite communicate yet what he sees.

The above picture was taken before his "winter wool" was buzzed off. Lately he has an evil grin that he gives his sister whenever she is delight in the fact that he may have been the cause...

The Daytona 500 is today. It will forever be burned in our memories as the anniversary of my water breaking with Mikan at 25 weeks. 3 years ago. He's come a long way.

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Mary Ann said...

Love the new glasses. The kids are getting so big! We need to get over and see them. We'll have to plan dinner / desserts soon.