Thursday, January 6, 2011

PDD or Normal/Quirky 2-year old?

We don't have a lot of news to report for the new year. We finally scheduled an appointment with the physiatrist for February, but are still waiting on the developmental pediatrician. One of Mikan's therapists mentioned that she wouldn't be surprised if the pediatrician dignosed him with PDD (pervasive developmental disorder).

PDD is a group of delays in communication and socialization that are often associated with autism. He doesn't display definitive characteristics of any one syndrome, but his "quirkiness" overlaps with several conditions. Right now we are just watching everything, but it is hard to distinguish what is delayed due to prematurity and what is merely a personality trait vs. a symptom of a disorder. I'm going to call him a normal two-year-old for now.

On a different note, please pray for little Maggie. Maggie and her family follow our blog and we've followed hers for awhile now. Maggie's mitochondrial disease is weakening her body and she could use some extra prayers from anyone willing. You can read about her on her blog


Michelle and Sean said...

I hope things workout with Mikan and he is okay!! He sounds like a two year old, but then I have never met him in person. He is just such a cute little boy!!

Thank you so much for the extra prayers for Maggie! We would just be so grateful if we could just get her stabilized.

Jason and Rachel said...

Apparently a quota is needing to be filled for PDD-NOS diagnoses. I'd never even heard of it until Dr. Bull mentioned it. Is this the new diagnosis du jour or what? Feeling frustrated....