Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lake Effect Event and AFO shells

South Bend had record breaking snowfall this weekend (39 inches). We didn't get as much, but we had plenty.

The picture above was taken from our front door. We got 10 more inches of snow that day after I took the picture.

Mikan's AFO shells finally arrived. They fit over his SMOs and restrict his toe/heel movement so that he will stay off his toes and hopefully establish a more natural gait. I can already tell a difference in his walking. The shells seem to give him more stability than the SMOs alone. Hopefully this will give him the support he needs to finally be mobile without his walker. The walker we've been using is on loan, but we also finally got insurance approval to purchase our own (it took about five months), so we've just ordered one. We have no idea how long he'll need it, but it allows him to be semi-independent for now.

Mikan is adjusting well to life with a new little one. When he sees Anica's little fists balled up, he'll crawl over to her and pound his fist with hers; its his brotherly greeting.


Colleen said...

Wow that is a lot of snow! Mikan sounds like an awesome big brother.

Michelle and Sean said...

Wow!! That is a lot of snow!!

I'm glad the AFO shells seem to be working. Thats good! And that you will be getting him his own walker! Crazy how long that stuff takes. I hope he doesn't need it too long though;) Hopefully he will walk without it soon!

That is so cute that he fist bumps his baby sister!! Love it!!