Friday, December 17, 2010

Home Sweet Home

"You mean, she's coming home with us!?"

Well, Baby Anica is a whopper. Despite the soreness from the C-section, I'm still glad to have the pregnancy woes behind me. Mikan has been doing well with the adjustment to siblinghood. He mostly just ignores her, but at least he isn't unhappy or angry about her presence. He is trying to learn her name, which sounds more like "Ah Kah" right now. Our first night at home was pretty typical. I got about three hours of sleep. This whole caring for a newborn without a bunch of tubes, wires, equipment, and alarms thing is pretty odd, but we're adjusting. She is nursing and pooping well.

A big thanks goes out to my mom who stayed with Mikan and entertained him this week while helping us around the house and with the transition home. We appreciate all her help.

We are still waiting to hear from a physiatrist about when Mikan's walking can be evaluated. My mom said that this week one evening he "forgot" he couldn't walk and got excited going after a toy while he was standing. He took a few steps before falling. Maybe his confidence is beginning to grow. Maybe having another baby around will be motivation for him. Hopefully he'll want to walk before she walks!


Kara @ KSS said...

She's so beautiful! I love all the hair. :) Hope Mikan adjusts to brotherhood quickly!

DevonLeah said...

SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! Yes, Mikan needs to walk first!! =) CONGRATS...what an awesome feeling to bring her home!!! =0)