Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

We enjoyed Christmas at home this year. Many relatives came to visit, relieving us of the inconvenience of traveling. Mikan still doesn't understand the excitement behind opening gifts, but he enjoys playing with the new toys once they appear.

Lately he is especially interested in letters and numbers. One of his therapists mentioned hyperlexia, a condition often associated with autism where a child exhibits a fixation with letters. They will often have above average reading ability or letter recognition, but poor comprehension skills. Mikan isn't severe enough to be labeled with this condition, but it is one on a long list of things we are watching out for and trying to manage as he develops. John thinks it just means he will be really smart and eventually become a world leader.

It has now been almost six weeks and we still haven't been able to schedule
Mikan's appointments with a developmental pediatrician and physiatrist. Don't even get me started. The schedules for these specialists are ridiculous. I'm hoping to take care of it by next week.

So far over break Mikan has enjoyed sledding or rolling down hills with his dad and cousins. He doesn't seem to mind the cold (definitely a Gensic trait).


the three wise menn said...

Sorry you are having such a rough time getting in to the dev. ped. We see Dr. Keck, but were referred from her neurologist at Riley so I think we got in quicker?!
Secondly your hyperlexia had me interested so I researched a little. Abigail also is obsessed with letters and numbers, but I'm stikcing with the theory that she's just really smart.
I only know you guys from your blog, but from watching Mikan identify countries on the map, and read colors and such, I thought he is just really smart because you guys do such an amazing job working with him. :)
You have two very sweet kiddos! Glad your Christmas went well and hope you have a great New Year!


Lindsey Corbin said...

Do you have heat this year? Didn't John refuse to turn it on once?