Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Week 2010: Stoma Revision

Surgery Center Waiting Room

Waiting for surgery with Dad and the ipad.

Mikan's stoma revision is complete. As soon as we entered the outpatient surgery center, Mikan started crying. He refused to be weighed or sit still for a biox reading. Whenever anyone in scrubs entered his room, he tensed up, waved at him/her, and said "Bye bye." After the surgery we couldn't calm him down until we left the hospital. His first words waking from anesthesia were "Mom" and "Bye bye." I hope it's awhile before we have to take him back for anything.

The actual surgery took a little longer than anticipated because the ENT noticed a cyst she had to remove on his stoma. She thought it looked harmless, but sent it in for testing just to be sure. He now has three rows of stitches to seal up his airway. The incision looks nice and clean; it's just a straight line. No one would even know he had a trach. Later, he can make up a story about a knife fight or something.

We had family visit us for Thanksgiving, so staying at home was nice. I'm becoming less mobile each day, so keeping close to our house is important.

Last night while John and Mikan were wrestling, Mikan fell and broke his glasses. They had a good year and a half run though. Right now electrical tape is holding them together. It blends nicely with the frames.

Mikan playing "nurse"

Mikan decided to taste peppermint only after he made his horse a peppermint treat at the Riding Center.


Kara @ KSS said...

Oh my goodness that is so sad about his fears of the outpatient surgery center. It undoubtedly breaks your heart. Hopefully his visits there are dwindling down. :(

Hope you are feeling well, Jenna! Can't wait to hear about the new addition.

jamie said...

he's such a trooper and honestly i can't blame him for wanting to go bye bye.

oh and have i mentioned lately that he is so dang cute!

Alicia said...

I totally hear you about the outpatient/hospital anxiety. I'm not sure anyone has ever gotten a blood pressure reading on Marissa since she was in the NICU!

Glad the stoma revision went well. I'm praying the cyst is nothing to worry about. I love the knife fight explanation, Rissa might have to borrow that one!