Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Believe it or not, this was the best Halloween picture I could get of Mikan before trick-or-treating. His look and posture say, "Why did my mom and dad have to make me wear the infant-size Superman costume?" Our answer was, "It was $1.50 at Goodwill."

It took Mikan awhile to realize that he was supposed to be collecting candy from strangers. He would get distracted with political signs in people's yards or basketball hoops before he ever reached a doorstep. When someone handed him some candy, he threw it right back in their bowls instead of putting it in his bag. Nevertheless, he brought home some good loot and had fun being outside.

Earlier in the day, John and Mikan collected some hedge apples from an osage orange tree at a park nearby. They kept entertained by rolling them around our yard afterwards.

Mikan's AFOs are giving him sores because he fights them so much. I'm hoping we won't have to switch to an AFO during the daytime (since they restrict a lot of his movement), but if we can't get them to work at night, this may be the next step.

Mikan has made some stellar improvements with eating. We use a piece of folded construction paper with several flaps. The outside of the flaps are numbered, and underneath each flap we draw a picture. When he takes a bite of something, he gets to see what is underneath the number. Because he is obsessed with numbers right now, this has effectively encouraged him to eat peanut butter sandwich and grilled cheese bites, the most meal-like food to date!

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Junior said...

Mikan you make a very cute superman, so happy that you were able to go trick our treating, it was too icky here to go outside.