Thursday, November 18, 2010

Forrest Gump

We saw Mikan's orthotist yesterday (who happens to be the inventor of the SureStep SMO) because he was having problems developing sores on his feet from the braces. When he stretched Mikan's feet out, the orthotist told us that Mikan had developed too much spacicity in his feet, and he was overpowering the braces. They weren't doing him any good at this point. He said Mikan would probably need a larger leg brace (some version of an AFO) that he wears all day in order to help him learn to walk. In a few weeks we go back so Mikan can walk on a carpet with sensors that record his gait with various types of braces on in an attempt to figure out which version will work best for him.

He also wants Mikan to see a developmental pediatrician and physiatrist at Riley. We tried to see a physiatrist a little closer to us earlier, but he needed a referral from a neurologist, which is why we jumped through hoops to get the extra MRI, sleep-deprived EEG, and bloodwork. Because the neurologist couldn't find anything that might label him with CP, she said Mikan had poor coordination and would just need "aggressive therapy." This wasn't good enough for the physiatrist, so we didn't pursue it. But the orthotist said that there is obviously something wrong if Mikan is almost three and making little progress with his walking. He said the physiatrist (basically a "walking specialist") at Riley would see him without a diagnosis and work with him to develop a plan to get him walking.

Right now we have no idea how long he would need the braces because we don't know what the problem is. He may just have to be our little Forrest Gump for awhile.


the three wise menn said...

I can recomend and AWESOME dev. ped. at Riley if you would like. We haven't had to see the physiatrist. :)
Hoping they can figure things out for you!


DevonLeah said...

can he get any cuter?? prayers for finding out why he is needing braces!

Michelle and Sean said...

Getting caught up here!

Glad the surgery went well!! Bummer he broke his glasses but that is a long time for a toddler to have the same pair of glasses!

Hope they can figure things out with the walking thing.

He is looking super cute as always!!