Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Few Words

After spending the last week on bed rest, I've finally been granted a reprieve. I am just trying to be extra careful (I've stopped working and taking longer walks), and not carry Mikan around so much. I never thought I'd be so excited to fold laundry or put away my cereal bowl.

Mikan finally received his new AFOs that actually fit him. He has been wearing them during naps with some success. We are going to try them at night soon. He hasn't been complaining too much about them, but they prevent him from tucking his legs underneath him when he sleeps on his belly, so I'm not sure if this will affect his sleep or not.

Mikan is finally starting to attempt some words. It's fun to see him vocalize and babble like other toddlers we know.


Amy said...

It's so great to "hear" him talk! Good to know you and that baby are still cooking, so to speak. God Bless.

Michelle and Sean said...

Wow that is so great!! He is so freakin adorable!

I'm so glad that his AFOs are working better too!

Keep up the great work Mikan!!