Monday, October 4, 2010

AFO Delay

When Mikan's PT saw the AFOs the orthotist sent us home with, she told us not to use them. She said that they gave him way too much of a stretch, and he probably wasn't sleeping well because he kept waking up in pain. We knew they were made incorrectly, but the orthotist made a small modification and told us to use them until the new ones came in. Apparently that small modification, meant to help Mikan, had been forcing his foot in a painfully unnatural position. We were glad his PT caught it, but obviously frustrated that the orthotist didn't. So we're still waiting... In the meantime, Mikan's walking is about the same. He's still very unstable without his walker.

Mikan has a new fascination with school. He saw a "Welcome to School" Signing Time video, and now cycles through all the signs while he's playing by himself. We are considering trialing a preschool when he turns three in March so perhaps this will help with the transition.

Last week we had Mikan's hearing tested because of the fluid he can't seem to get rid of. He is hearing in the "below normal" range, but that was expected because of the fluid. At the beginning of November we see his ENT, and ear tubes will most likely be scheduled at the same time as his stoma revision. His ST thinks the tubes will help his language development take off. We are still holding out that he may not need his tonsils and adnoids removed, but we'll see what the ENT advises.

How about them Irish? Mikan wore his Notre Dame sweat outfit without embarassment on Sunday for the first time in awhile.

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