Sunday, September 26, 2010

Glasses, AFOs, and Horses

Last week Mikan had an appointment with his eye doctor. We received some good news for now: Mikan's eyes are stable. This means they haven't worsened for the first time since he's had them checked (weekly in the NICU and bianually since we've been home). Although his prescription is hefty (-10 and -11), his glasses appear to correct this deficiency and hopefully his development isn't too hindered by it.

We also had an appointment to fit Mikan to his new AFOs that he will wear at night to help him stretch out his feet for walking. We waited an hour for an orthotist to add "something" to his braces. When the braces were finally brought into our waiting room, the orthotist fitting him noticed that the device that had been added was incorrect. It was designed for kids with the opposite problem of Mikan. Instead of making it impossible to point his toes, it makes it impossible for him to flatten his feet. The extra device was removed, but the brace itself has a hole in the back that weakens the function Mikan needs. We are using them while the new braces are being made. They have pictures of Elmo on them that we hoped would encourage Mikan to wear them.

I can't say Mikan has fallen in love with his new "Elmo shoes" yet. He allows us to put them on him, but after about 1-2 hours of sleep, he will wake up crying and clawing at them. He appears to have muscle cramps. They don't look comfortable to me, so I don't blame him for being upset. I'm not sure how we are going to make it through a night right now. We've been losing a lot of sleep just to "practice" with them for a few hours at a time. Mikan's oximeter probe doesn't read well while he wears them either, so the alarming machine is another disturbance at night. I think they are his first negative association with Elmo.

On a positive note, Mikan has really grown to love his therapeutic horseback riding lessons. His PT thinks they are helping with his core strength and standing/walking ability. It's pretty impressive to see how well he is doing considering how terrified he was of the horse a few months ago.

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