Monday, August 9, 2010

Voice Augmentation

Mikan has his MRI last week. We won't know the results until sometime later this week. He was able to get chlorol hydrate through his g-tube, so no pokes, which he appreciated.

This week a few of Mikan's cousins came to visit. We went to the beach on Saturday and then John took them rafting at the East Race on Sunday. Mikan and I took pictures from land, him not meeting the height requirement, and my pregnancy disqualifying me.

Mikan's eating continues to improve. He still prefers dry foods that he can pick up with his hands (cereal, goldfish, crackers, etc.), but at least he is swallowing them. He refuses to drink anything besides milk, acting like we've poisoned him if he accidentally sips water or juice in his cup.

His speech therapist thinks he needs a voice augmentation device so that he will be able to communicate better with people who don't know sign language. He doesn't have too many words, and his speech is likely to be delayed for awhile; however, because his receptive skills are caught up, she thinks an intervention is necessary. Specialized voice augmentation devices can cost upwards of $5,000 and although insurance sometimes pays partial amounts, it takes a long time for approval. After Mikan begins speaking, which he eventually will, this pricey item will become virtually useless. As a result, we are considering some apple applications that allow us to use cheaper resources and hopefully achieve the same results. We've searched for a few that allow us to upload pictures he can touch and the computer speaks for him. If anyone has experience with using voice augmentation apps and has some advice about which ones to go with or which to avoid, we'd appreciate any input. There is a lot to choose from.

(These are their "game faces")


DevonLeah said...

Holy moly, he looks so grown up and that second pic...and looks like daddy!
Camden just signs too...he waits to learn a sign for every word ( which we dont know lol) and then if not told one will make one up =p Shakes his head NO a lot when we ask him to try and speak. Another world for babes that didnt get to do it the way it was intended, huh? Hope the new devices work...curious to see the results! Hugs to you all...

Michelle and Sean said...

I'm so glad that he is eating some solids!!

I hope the results for the MRI are all good!!

That apple stuff sounds good! Maggie is getting a device too so maybe we will need to look into using apple as well. I know another family that is trying to use the ipad so maybe something like that would be great! Sean and I are technically challenged so we don't know a whole lot about any of that kind of stuff. So if you figure something out maybe we will have to ask you a bunch of questions if thats okay.

We look forward to hearing the results of the MRI and pray it will be okay!

Biggest FAN (favorite aunt Nikole said...

The kids had a great time this weekend. Thanks for having them!