Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ortho Update

Last week Mikan saw an orthodic specialist and an orthopaedic surgeon. Mikan's feet and ankles are still too tight, preventing him from gaining strength for walking. After he is stretched out during the day it improves, but when he sleeps, he tightens back up. Mikan was casted for an AFO (Ankle-foot orthoses)that he will need to wear while he sleeps. The hope is that the AFO will keep him stretched out during the night, so when he uses his SMOs during the day he can walk easier from the moment he wakes up. I was hesitant to embrace the new equipment, but we want to do anything we can to help him walk. He maneuvers pretty well in his walker, but does very little independent standing or walking.

The surgeon said his pelvic x-rays looked normal and that Mikan appears to just have a muscle/coordination problem. We already knew this, but it was nice to rule out just one more abnormality. He said that there are sugeries to correct his muscle issues if he were to fight his braces in the future. Obviously this is something we'd like to avoid.

Mikan's eating is progressing. If he could live off dry cereal, goldfish, and milk we wouldn't need to keep the g-tube. Unfortunately, he refuses to drink water, and whenever we offer him fruit, he only licks it. Most of the time he prefers to lick it while it sits on the table, like in the video below.

At the end of the video, he is signing "Mikan" because he sees the camera and wants to watch a video of himself. He's pretty vain.

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Hope said...

That's all Ava will eat too. That is why she's getting the g-tube next week. I'll be happy to see the ng tube go, though.

We swear by AFO's and I hope Mikan soars with them.