Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I have spent some time looking over past blog entries. I'll quote one now,"He'll be walking before he crawls."

I wish.

Mikan is starting to walk. At the library tonight, he took nine steps before crashing into the couch in the play area. These were marionette style baby steps. The first couple are quasi-controlled steps while the last five are a controlled fall. But, when given the option, we picks his walker. Watching Mikan in his walker can be a frightening experience for the untrained eye. As we visit neighbors on our street, their constantly reacting to his jerky walking shows how wobbly he can be. I know he won't fall, they don't.

By using his walker, he enjoys the outside independence boys need. He finds the puddles to make his mom react. He walks up to signs to shake them and see the tops move. He pulls on one part of the mums to see how they're connected. He tries to get into the nurses cars. He lays down on the concrete when he's all done. He walks three blocks towards the basketball court, just to get thristy when I forget the drink and we end up going back home. He never stays on the street sidewalks, constantly walking up to peoples' houses, especially if they have a basketball hoop.

Mikan knows the bedtime routine. I can't help but have watery eyes when he tries to delay bedtime by signing "Basketball, Please." A hoop in his room provides hours of entertainment that is pretty difficult for me to say no to.

A friend made a comment to me last week, "Man, it must have been a tough 2 years to this point." I was unsure of how to respond. And I still am.

It really has been a fast 2 years plus. Parts of it have been tough. ALL of it rewarding. But I'm glad God thinks we can handle so much.

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DevonLeah said...

another miracle from God....precious Mikan.