Sunday, July 18, 2010

Neurology Update..More Tests...More Doctors

When we described Mikan's problems to the neurologist, she seemed convinced that he had a form of Cerebral Palsy that had gone undiagnosed thus far. But after her physical examination, she seemed less sure of her hypothesis. She said that he most likely has a mild form of CP, but he wasn't showing several characteristic signs. For example, he doesn't cross or scissor-kick his legs. And when he uses his walker, he puts more weight on his legs than his arms. When she examined his legs and walking, she said it seemed that he had a coordination problem, not a muscle or spine problem. Just based on her examination, she said that if he has a form of CP, it is probably mild enough that we wouldn't change treatment. He may need PT for a long time, and he may have coordination problems for a long time, if not his whole life (although we're not willing to accept that yet given what he's overcome so far), but she didn't think medical intervention was necessary.


Just to be sure...

She ordered an IV-sedation MRI, a sleep-deprived EEG, and a load of blood tests.

The blood tests were to rule out rare possible causes for his poor coordination. For example, she said that low thyroid can be a cause that is often overlooked in preemies, because people associate all of their delays with prematurity. The MRI and EEG will have to be done in Ft. Wayne. Those are scheduled for August and September.

Even though Mikan had an MRI at 3 months, the neurologist said that it wouldn't necessarily show everything at that time; therefore, a repeat MRI is needed to check for CP or other possible causes of his delays.

She also wants him to see an ortho doctor to check his hips and make sure that nothing is out of alignment there that would be throwing off his balance.

In the meantime, we continue to give him opportunities to practice his walking. He likes taking his walker to the basketball courts near our house and walking from one hoop to the other, signing "basketball," then moving on to the next one. I don't think he'll let his poor coordination get in the way of being the next Michael Jordan, or George Mikan.


DevonLeah said...

Not sure what to say...just checking in on Mikan. (((hugs))) I do know that whatever the outcome, Mikan has awesome parents. He has come so far. Loving the calendar picture too....CUTIE. =o)

Anonymous said...

the three wise menn said...

One of the yuckiest feeling for me is hearing from one doctor that we need to see more! I hope that by the time the other test come he can show them a thing or two. :)


Michelle and Sean said...

Its no fun going to so many appts. I hope they can figure things out soon!!

He is so stinkin cute!!

You are right, Mikan has already come so far I think he will show everyone he can do anything. It just might take some more time.

We will keep Mikan in our prayers!!