Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mr. March

Mikan will see his neurologist soon and we hope to get some answers about his walking, even if it is just "We can't find anything, and we need to just let him do it in his own time."

His eating cotintues to slowly improve. He eats several different types of cereals and chocolate and peanut butter chips consistently.

Mikan was chosen to be in a calendar to benefit the March of Dimes. There will be an online vote for the child to be on the front cover. Each vote costs a dollar and is a donation to the March of Dimes. I will post the link when the site is ready. The picture below will appear on the calendar.


Alicia said...

I am so totally voting for Mr. March! What an adorable pic of Mikan! Of course, I haven't seen a pic of Mikan that is NOT adorable!

Hope said...

I will vote for him! He's adorable:)

Ann said...

Awesome picture. Mikan is just so handsome!