Friday, July 2, 2010

More Doctors

Mikan's horseback riding has been going better than expected. He throws an initial tantrum when the instructor takes him and puts him on the horse, but he gets over it quickly. This week he got to ride backwards in the saddle. The hope is that the rhythm of the riding will help him develop core body strength that will aid his walking.

Because Mikan's walking progress has been slower than expected, his therapy coordinator suggested we see a pediatric neurologist for some testing who may then refer us to a physiatrist if he is diagnosed with something. We have this appointment scheduled already. Hopefully this is just a precaution and nothing will come up. The best news would be that he doesn't have any neurological issues preventing him from walking and that he will do it "in his own time." But if something is detected, we'd want the earliest possible interventions. We've also been encouraged to find a developmental pediatrian for Mikan. Just as we are beginning to see our regular specialists less, another few are thrown onto the team.

His ENT noticed that although the inside of his trach stoma is closed, he still has a little hole on the outside that isn't. In a few months, this may have to be surgically repaired since he is still at an increased risk for infections.

Mikan's pulmonologist ordered another arterial blood gas which Mikan was thrilled about. We haven't heard the results, but I'm confident he's doing fine. He will also have an oximeter study done (examining the readings from his heart and oxygen monitor) to make sure he is breathing comfortably.

Mikan's biggests achievements to date are eating tiny bites of cereal and saying five words: Daddy, doggie, ice cream, Angie (one of his nurses), and apple. I've been told not to expect "Mom" to make it into his vocabulary for awhile.


Colleen said...

He looks so good with a naked neck:)
I hope you will get some answers soon from the neurologist on the walking progress.

Hope said...

I can't believe how grown up he's looking. I agree with Colleen, it's great to see him with a naked neck!

DevonLeah said...

eating and words are so huge!! way to go!