Monday, July 19, 2010

Jenna's Birthday

Today, Jenna turned 27. I'm pretty sure she won't forget this one.
Ultrasound #1 at about 10:30 am. Baby #2 appears to be heading in the right direction.

T.M.I. Alert:

Ultrasound #2 at about 10:45 am. Jenna's anatomy isn't the proper size to hold a baby to term. What (the cervix) is supposed to be 4 cm long is only about 1 cm long. Therefore, a Wednesday outpatient surgery to help 1 cm be long enough to prevent a preterm baby (cervical stitching). Happy Birthday.

The procedure will happen during week 18 and 4 days. If we were to have a third child this surgery would take place around week 12. The doctor is mildly optimistic that it is not too late for this surgery to be successful. We'll know more Wednesday after the surgery.

This suggests an explanation to Mikan's water breaking early. Jenna never had an Ultrasound #2 during the first pregnancy, so we didn't know if what was supposed to be 4 cm long was actually 4 cm long.

So, no love making. Just baby keeping inning.

On the way home from Birthday Dinner, there was a rainbow. To me this was a reminder of God's promise loosely quoted "He doesn't give you more than you can handle, when you handle it with Him."


Alicia said...

First, Happy Birthday Jenna! I missed that one on FB, sorry.

Second, WOW. I am sorry for the news about your cervix. I will be praying that the procedure will be quick and painless, and that it works to keep that baby inside until he/she is done cooking.

Colton's Journey said...

Praying that the procedure goes smoothly!

Life in the Bend said...

Yikes! I'm sorry for the not-great news. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow. I have a friend who has done a ton of research about cerclages and has experience with a new type. If you're interested in connecting with her, let me know. Her blog is here:

I have a story said...

Happy Birthday , I hope that everything goes well and that and nothing else is unexpectedly thrown your way, but you are a strong family and I have faith that you can pull through anything .

baby keeping inning ..... pretty clever ...

DevonLeah said...

((((hugs)))) sorry for the news, amazing they can do that surgery! Prayers for you and baby!