Thursday, July 8, 2010

Eating and Beaching

After eating chocolate pudding...

Mikan's nutritionist and speech therapist worked together to create a new eating plan for Mikan. Now he gets whole milk and chocolate instant breakfast to eat orally, and whatever amount he doesn't take is g-tubed as pediasure. We were able to eliminate one of his feedings and spread them out so he gets hungrier. So far this is working great, and this week he added goldfish to his short list of foods he will actually swallow.

Mikan sees a neurologist next week for evaluation of his walking. If necessary, he will be referred to a physiatrist for further treatment.

Since Lake Michigan is a short 25 minute drive, we have been spending our weekends there. Mikan loves playing in the sand and water. His swim shirt perfectly covers his trach site in case any water would splash near there. The outside has a track that still won't close, so it may need to be stiched in a few months.

Also, please pray for one of my college friends who just gave birth at nearly 29 weeks. Her baby Olivia is doing well (just weaned off CPAP), but I'm sure they would appreciate any extra prayers.


Jamie said...

lucky ducks! lake michigan is so much fun in the summer. looks like mikan loves it. congrats on the feeding progress...still as cute as ever!

Amy Kendall said...

Oh my, does he ever look great! Love the pudding hat... and the eating plan.

DevonLeah said...

we are still oozing from our trach site...actually here more in the last week and it has been about 5 weeks.
Mikan is doing well and goldfish and pudding? so wonderful!!

I have a story said...

I've been following your blog for months. my daughter emma is coming home with a trach and Im scared out of my mind your blog helps put me at ease a bit sometimes seeing someone else do it helps you do it . anyhow thank you so much .

MoDLin said...

Love that chocolate pudding hat! Glad to hear Mikan's eating is improving - ah, the wonders of chocolate. And Goldfish! They've always been a staple in our house.
If your friend hasn't been there yet, she might want to visit the March of Dimes community for parents of premature babies called Share Your Story: Many parents find it very supportive.