Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer Fun

Mikan attended a slip 'n' slide party at his cousins' house this weekend. He loved it. He also went on his first boat ride at Great-Grandma and Grandpa's lake house.

We signed Mikan up for therapeutic horseback riding this summer. Since you are required to wear a helmet to ride the horse, we've been practicing wearing a helmet at home. He doesn't even like baseball hats, so this began as quite a task. But since he likes watching videos of himself on our laptop, we started using that as an incentive to keep the helmet on. We discovered he also has an affinity for Taylor Swift.

Mikan has an appointment to discuss his orthodics tomorrow. We also may be ordering him a walker at this time. Although he is still behind in PT, Mikan's OT is recommending discharge! He is graduating from one of his therapies! Way to go bud.


Hope said...

How cute is he in his helmet! Very!! Orthotics help Ava so much! She still gets tired and needs her walker as well. These things should help Mikan a lot.

Biggest FAN (favorite aunt Nikole said...

Ok, his videos are always cute, but this one made all 6 of us laugh out loud. We loved the look on his face, that's hilarious Jenna. Grandpa told us about Mikan signing that John was stinky, not his own diaper. He has that figured out too huh?