Thursday, April 29, 2010

March of Dimes Walk and Sleep Study Update

Apparently South Bend's sleep clinic isn't equipped to handle special needs children, so we will be traveling to Ft. Wayne to get tested. This actually works out better because their sleep lab had an opening much earlier. So next week we are headed to Ft. Wayne to hopefully hear some good news.

We had to take Mikan back to the orthodic center to fix his SMOs. They were digging into his feet, and his PT was worried about sores. So far he hasn't had any more redness, so hopefully they are fixed for good.

The March of Dimes walk was a success. Our family raised over $800, and our team raised much more, although I don't know the final total.

Here are the adorable twins we walked with, exhausted from the wagon ride.

Mikan, Dad, and the rainbow outside our house this weekend.

At the walk, Mikan was fascinated with the March of Dimes bear. He kept signing "bear" and pointing to it. As a result, we spent a lot of quality time with the bear. Here is a video of our final visit on our way to our car. Mikan couldn't let us pass him up once he was in sight.

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