Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Mikan Boy!

It's official. Mr. Mikan is 2 today. We're so proud of the progress he's made since last March. Here are just a few notable achievements:

1) Ventilator-free 24 hours a day
2) Learning to sit up on his own, crawl, and cruise
3) Learning sign language
4) Learning how to laugh more often and use his voice
5) Learning to keep his glasses on his face

We saw his ENT this week, and she said that if Mikan only needed a small amount of granulation tissue removed, she would still consider downsizing his trach and scheduling a sleep study/removal of the trach in April. However, if a large amount needs to be removed, then we will have to have another scope before we talk about decannulation. Unfortunately, Mikan has been showing signs of respiratory difficulty after playtime. One evening this week, he laid down on the floor to rest, which he never does. He tolerates the PMV fine, but the cap makes him tired. These are signs of more granulation tissue growing. Right now we'll just monitor him. He's still been able to wear the cap during the day, we just hope it doesn't get any worse.

Mikan's PT has also made the recommendation that he get SMOs. "Supramalleolar Orthosis" is a custom molded brace designed to stabilize weak muscles around his foot and ankle. These are supposed to help him learn to stand and walk. We're anticipating that they will only be temporary, but we don't know how long he'll need them. He gets fitted for the braces in a few weeks. I was hoping to avoid yet another piece of plastic on our son, but if it will help him walk, I'm all for it.

We are having several small celebrations for Mikan's birthday, hoping to avoid a mass gathering of potentially sick people.

Here's a flashback look at the last two years of Mikan's blessed life.
Thanks to everyone who has prayed for Mikan along the way.

John chose the music. My suggestions were much more sentimental.


Michelle and Sean said...

Happy Birthday Mikan!!

How great to see all of his milestones! I hope things go well with the granulation tissue! We will keep Mikan in our prayers that things go well.

Love the video! Mikan looks so good! He is such an adorable little boy.

Alicia said...


Man, he has come a long way in the last two years! What a precious video. Interesting music choice, to say the least, but precious nonetheless.

Have a great weekend Gensics. Party it up Mikan!!!

Colleen said...

Happy Birthday Mikan....You have come so far! I hope you're day is extra special!

Ann said...

Happy Birthday Mikan. I loved the video (and the music too.) I hope 2010 is Mikan's year to lose the trach. You've come a long way Mikan and congrats to your parents for getting you there!


DevonLeah said...

wow--yes, he has been through it and has come a long way!! Precious pics...and the big cheek ones are way too cute!

Junior said...

Happy Birthday Mikan.
Beautiful video

jkhenson said...

Hope you all have a special second birthday! :) Mikan's milestones were fun to see; looking forward to see more as he grows! Hope the granulation tissue issue progresses positively!

The Landwehr's said...

Happy Belated Birthday Mikan!!! We enjoyed the video. You've come a long way! Love, Landwehr Family

Hope said...

Happy BirthdaY sweet Mikan!! Look how far you've come in 2 years!

Jamie said...

we thought of you on friday! adali even said, "mikan birthday too!"

we hope you had a great day, mikan!

Rachel said...

Happy birthday to Mikan!!! You should be so proud of all the acheivements he's made in his short life!

From Gabe and family!