Friday, February 5, 2010

Virulent Virus

Well we figured out pretty quickly after my last post what was going on with Mikan. He had severe stomach cramps, gagging/wretching, and diarrhea that afternoon/evening. Since his Nissen wrap doesn't allow him to vomit, it all came out the other end (9 diapers from 2:30-6:30 to be exact). Unfortunately, our healthy immune systems weren't enough to avoid this bug, and I suffered a vomiting spell the next day, then our two nurses the following. John was nauseous for a day, but avoided the vomiting. Mikan still has diarrhea, but it's not as bad, so we're just trying to ride it out, mixing pedialyte with his feedings. To top it off, last night he started getting congested and he's had a runny nose all day. Poor kid.

Mikan's new g-tube hasn't been causing any problems, so we're thankful for that; however, since he's contracted this bug, he hasn't been interested in taking anything by mouth, so our glimmer of hope with his cup is on hold once again. It's all a big waiting game.


Colleen said...

Uggh, the stomach virus is the worst! I'm glad Mikan is getting better.

Kara @ KSS said...

Aw, so sorry Jenna. That sounds horrible. :(

Michelle and Sean said...

Finally my computer is working better. That is aweful that he got so sick and you guys got it too. I hope that his cold is short lived.

We will keep you guys in our prayers for sure!!