Sunday, February 21, 2010

Get in My Belly

This week we found out that Mikan's scope had to be moved back to the end of March. There is a conflict with Mikan's pulmonologist who is assisting the procedure. This is frustrating because we've had it scheduled for awhile, but there's nothing we can do about it.

On a positive note, Mikan's new g-tube is working out great! So far it is still in his stomach, which is alone enough to be excited about, but his body also seems to be reacting better to it. So far the site looks relatively clean, and it hasn't been causing him pain. In addition, it's less bulky and lays flatter on his tummy. So far, so good.

And with the new g-tube seems to come new eating habits. Mikan has been drinking fairly consistently from his sippy cup (about an ounce per feeding). Today he drank a total of 6 ounces throughout the day! This is a record for him. He's still pretty apprehensive about swallowing anything else, but at least he tastes just about everything before he spits it out.

One of his favorite things to lick lately...chocolate.


Jamie said...

man o man you guys can't seem to catch a break when it comes to scheduling appointments. on a happier note, i am thrilled his g tube site seems to be doing better! and you can't blame anyone for taking a little taste of chocolate. mikan may agree with me that it should be added as it's own food group.

Michelle and Sean said...

That is frustrating about his scope appt.

He looks great!! I'm glad that new g-tube is working out well. And we are so happy he is drinking more out of his cup that is awesome!!

Way to go Mikan!!

Give a hug from Mags!