Monday, February 1, 2010


The Miralax has been working a little too well, so we've decreased the GI doc's recommended dose. Hopefully the blood in his stool was associated with the enterovirus and not a new GI issue we have to worry about. We are supposed to test his stools at home over the next few weeks.

So far the new g-tube is working ok. The extension tubing is more difficult to attach, and the site is still causing him pain, but it's working. We had to apply silver nitrate yesterday because of new granulation tissue growing around the stoma.

Mikan is still digging in his ears and acting pretty lethargic today. I hope this doesn't mean he's still fighting the same ear infections. He definitely isn't himself. In fact, he's just wanted to lay in my lap all day, which is uncharacteristic of him even when he is sick.

Mikan's nutritionist is happy with his growth though. He weighs 23 lbs 9oz and is in the 10th percentile for his adjusted age (20 months). This is good news for his pulmonologist and ENT too since that means he isn't working too hard to breathe while he is capped.

Mikan is demanding my attention right now. Pray that he gets over whatever is bugging him lately.


Michelle and Sean said...

I'm so sorry things haven't improved more. We are praying he feels better soon!

We also have a harder time connecting her extension to her button with the EMT.

We are so happy he is growing!

Give Mikan hugs from Maggie!!

Hope said...

Way to grow, Mikan!! Yay!!