Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowed In

Although Mikan still doesn't drink at every meal, he takes a few sips from this cup a day. Some days he will drink up to two ounces! This is exciting progress. I'd be willing to do a commercial for Rubbermaid (in case anyone reading this works for them).

John and I have been off work the last few days because of snow, so we've had some extra Mikan time. Lately Mikan enjoys walking his radio flyer car around. He still isn't standing by himself, but he maneuvers pretty well with the car. But every once in awhile he will get stuck on the transition trim on the floor in between our living room and kitchen. If he's in a good mood, he troubleshoots himself and rocks the car until it glides over the strip. If he's in a crabby mood, then there's a lot of fussing and whining, and the "angry please" sign until someone comes to his aid. See below for the "angry please" sign.


Amber said...

I just posted...with the exact same title. :0) Not sure I've ever commented before but...I LOVE his glasses! I love his angry please sign and I also LOVE those rubbermaid containers! Our daughter was tube fed until a few months ago and this was our first "cup" as well.
Just wanted to say "hey" and tell you that you have the cutest baby with the best glasses! :0)

Hope said...

He's cute even when mad! WTG Mikan on signing and drinking!!

Suzy said...

He's so cute! Even when he is angry!

DevonLeah said...

I am just LOL over this post. Camden is now shaking his head NO when told to sign please...Hope Mikan is feeling better...I am so over this sick winter season.