Sunday, February 28, 2010

Active Mikan

Mikan has been going to lots of new places lately...
-Library lap sit on Thursday-where we saw signs that he is an extrovert
-High School basketball game on Friday-where he enjoyed the bleachers
-Farmer's Market on Saturday-he licked an apple for awhile then threw it down.
-Birthday Party on Saturday-two little dogs provided entertainment.
-Library visits whenever we're bored at home (its within walking distance)-he knows the library sign.

Mikan knows how to get to the library from our house. Therefore, whenever we go for walks that are not to the library he gets upset. Once we make a turn that is not to the library, he does his angry please sign. Also, there are two paths to the library. One is a short cut we can take on a sled, while the other is longer with a stroller. Every time we take the stroller, Mikan does his angry please because he wants to take the short cut.

In our last visit to the library, Mikan was breathing kind of loud and hard. So another kid at the library asked, "Why's he so breathing?" I responded with, "Darth Vader is his grandpa." That kid didn't play with Mikan much after that.

Mikan enjoys going out of the house. Nearly every time I take him out, Jenna gives a "don't be out too long, it's cold out. Really." However, I think outside is one of Mikan's highlights of the day. His favorite highlight used to be "Signing Time." (DVD). Today's nurse referred to me as a "Signing Time Nazi." You're welcome Mikan.


jkhenson said...

Loved today's update! :) Glad to hear Mikan is doing well and loving the library! :)

Alicia said...

What an awesome thing that Mikan loves the library! And I love the "angry please", so cute!

Have a great week!

Jason and Rachel said...

Love the 'angry please'! Too funny! :) I think the funniest part though was you telling the kid that Mikan's grandpa is Darth Vader. Hahahahaha! Bet that shut him up! Was this an older kid that should have known better, or just being curious?

Michelle and Sean said...

LOL!! How cute is he! And smart too! I'm so glad that things are going well right now.

Keep having fun!!

Alexa said...

Hey Mikan is really looking like a toddler! Do you guys know if we are still coming to your house on Sunday?
P.S. 27 days till i'm in FLORDIA!