Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One More Day...

This past weekend John and I went out with my dad and brother to see The Comedy of Errors at the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre. The play was entertaining, rejuvenating all of our interests in live theater. However, on the way home we got a phone call from Mikan's nurse informing us that, yes, again, his g-tube balloon burst. So, once again, the site is irritated and tender from the reinsertion of the tube. We see a pediatric GI tomorrow. I pray this back-up tube will last just one more day...(and that we get some answers from this new doc).

Mikan also is recovering from an enterovirus that manifested itself in a mild rash on his face. That required another trip to the doctor on Friday night after the spots continued to spread. But overall, his symptoms have been mild and we've probably already seen the worst of it.

But he is finally vocalizing pretty regularly, as this video illustrates. And although he tends to take a tumble periodically, his cruising continues to become more controlled.

Since he has broken his cup, he's refused to take any liquid from anything else. I ordered more of his cup online (I couldn't find it in any store), so I hope he just picks up where he left off when it arrives.


Hope said...

He has the sweetest voice and I love watching him play.

Michelle and Sean said...

That stinks about his g-tube I hope they can figure that out. I also hope his skin gets better soon! I'm glad you guys got to get out and do something fun! My computer is not working right now. I'm on my itouch so I can't see the video now but I can't wait to back and check it out!!

We are praying for you guys!!

Biggest FAN (favorite aunt Nikole said...

How did the Dr. appt. go today?