Saturday, January 9, 2010


This past week when Mikan's speech therapist visited, Mikan decided he was going to drink from a straw. We haven't tried this with him in months, but on Wednesday, he decided he's made us wait long enough for him to swallow food.

We are obviously excited about this progress and what it means for his future eating potential.

Mikan seems to have recovered from his cold, but he is still digging in his ears. His antibiotic has run its course, so we hope he doesn't have any ear infections still. He sees the ENT Wednesday, so we will know for sure then.

Mikan's signing continues to progress. We are constantly amazed at the ways he can communicate with us. He can probably use or imitate around 100 signs. His only verbal word is "ball," but we are also seeing progress in his vocalizations.


Michelle and Sean said...

That is so great that he is drinking with a straw. I can't believe how many signs he knows. That is so great!!

Way to go Mikan!!

Give Mikan a high five from Maggie! She had a big smile when I was reading her this post.

Jamie said...

wow! i am so amazed with how much he is doing! in the video of him on the slide his core muscles seem so strong for him to be able to balance like he was...before you know it he will be all over the place AND eating like a champ!

way to go mikan!

Colleen said...

Way to go Mikan!!!

Hope said...

That's great that he drinks from a straw! Ava can't do it. lol
WTG Mikan!!