Friday, January 15, 2010

Mikan's New Pet

Our friend Angela brought Mikan a Build-A-Bear Dog for Christmas. He is in love with it. I have never seen him interact with any of his toys this way. We think that he thinks it's real. He talks to it, kisses it, and signs for it.

Mikan still had fluid in his ears this week, which forced us to Mikan's new G-tube finally arrived (A Mini-One non-balloon). We have an appointment scheduled in Ft. Wayne at the end of the month for it to be placed. We still suspect Mikan may have a granulation tissue problem on the inside of his stomach as well as the outside, so we're hoping this new pediatric GI has some answers for us.

Mikan's ENT and pulmonologist both sound positive about removing his trach this spring. We just scheduled another scope for early March and depending on the results, we may be able to set-up a three-day hospital stay where Mikan is studied while he is capped and then decannulated. If anything abnormal is growing in his airway, it will be removed, and then we will most likely have to wait six more weeks for healing before another decision is made.


Hope said...

How cute is he with his puppy! I'm hoping and praying his next scope will show a beautiful, healthy airway. Praying for a Spring decan!

Alicia said...

Awww, those videos are adorable! Marissa was watching and kept saying "woof woof". I love that he thinks the dog is real!

I hope this new g-tube is the answer for you guys, you have been dealing with this problem way too long. And very exciting you might be seeing the end of the trach tunnel too!

Have a great weekend!

Biggest FAN (favorite aunt Nikole said...

He is so cute, Maggie says "That's adorable!"
If you ever consider a real dog, I know where you can find on. Hank would love to love him back!

RN Sally said...

There must be something magical about that dog because Trevor got the same one for Christmas and he wont sleep without it!