Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dr. Appointment

Today was our trip to Ft. Wayne.

Mikan had four orifices examined.
1.) First a little surgi-lube was used to get some fecal matter out to check for bloody stool. Apparently, he had blood in his stool.
2-3.) Second, the doctor looked in both ears for infection (no infections found), but I'm not sure the GI doctor has looked in many ears lately. So, I'm not sure if this is fact.
4.) Mikan's G-tube was changed. The new g-tube is larger, so when we switched over it was quite a scene. Upon the insertion of the new g-tube, his site started bleeding and he did an almost complete sit up (out of pain).

Things that go without saying today...
Mikan is tough.
Jenna is tough. (half an hour after getting home from Ft. Wayne she went to class)
Our water heater needs replaced.

Dr.'s Orders as of today...
-Miralax twice a day to clean out the system
-Soda twice a week to clean out g-tube
-neosporin on g-tube site and rotate the g-tube
-something else I forget


Alicia said...

Poor Mikan! And poor Mama and Daddy too! I hope and pray things will go much better with this new g-tube. You all have been through more than enough problems with this.

Hope said...

Ugh..That sounds like a rough day. No more days like that!