Friday, December 4, 2009

A Sick Santa

Mikan is still sick, therefore he didn't really cooperate for his Christmas pictures today. Most of my pictures are blurry because he is either mid-yawn or mid-cough, like the one above. He hasn't shown any signs of infection, yet he hasn't improved either. He plays with his ear every once in awhile, but he isn't running a fever or complaining. I'm not sure if he has an ear infection or not and I hate to drag him to the doctor's office again to check, especially since I think that is where he picked up whatever this is in the first place. We need an ENT in the family. Anyway, we're just continuing to monitor him.

It is amazing to watch how many new signs Mikan is picking up each day. He still whines when he wants something, but when prompted, he communicates using signs. Hopefully we can reduce the whining sometime soon.

We found a way to distract Mikan during his breathing treatments. Thanks to Aunt Cindy and Uncle Jim's birthday card from March, Mikan is learning the chicken dance.


Alicia said...

I'm sorry to hear he is still sick. The Christmas pic is still cute, even mid-cough.

That video is SO cute!! Way to go Mikan!! You dance so well! And you're not too bad yourself, John! : )

Have a great weekend, I'll be praying Mikan gets over his crud soon.

Jason and Rachel said...

Oh my gosh, that video had me cracking up! I'm not sure which was funnier, Mikan attempting to do the chicken dance or headless John going to town! Hahahaha! Too cute!!

Ann said...

Even sick, Mikan is the cutest little Santa. I hope he feels better soon.

Jamie said...

oh my i never knew adali and mikan had so much in common...both learning the chicken dance and both whiners. :)

Michelle and Sean said...

I wish he was not still sick. I'm really sorry and we hope he gets well soon! That video is way cute. He is such a cutie! We are praying for him to recover soon!!

Hope said...

Oh my.....I'm cracking up at that video!!