Monday, December 14, 2009

Pokagon Adventure

This weekend we went to Pokagon with John's family. Mikan had many firsts:
-First time in a big person pool (Although we had to be VERY careful, he loved splashing his feet and hands around)
-First time seeing someone toboggan
-First time staying in a hotel
-First time walking on a frozen lake

Mikan now likes to take sips from his Pediasure bottle that we use for his g-tube feedings. But he insists on sticking his tongue inside the bottle and lapping it up like a dog, so I'm not sure how much of it he actually swallows. We have to hold it for him so he doesn't drown himself.

We visited Mikan's ENT today. She said with his trach cap on he still sounds loud. She says that this may be because he is trying to breathe around his trach, or it may be that his upper airway is a little floppy still. She wasn't pleased with this, although she did say that the cap didn't seem to be bothering him too much. He has mild retractions all the time, I think that may be his norm. Anyway, she is going to do another scope in feb. with his pulmonologist to see what the area looks like above the trach and see what decisions need to be made before the summer if we can still possibly get it out. His pulmonologist will study his cap breathing next week when we go for a visit.


Michelle and Sean said...

Fun having firsts!

Oh no it sounds like you guys might be having some of the same things as us with the PM valve. I hope things work out with him.

We are praying for Mikan.

DevonLeah said...

he is so so so cute!!!!
I just know we will both be sharing pictures of our boys with their trachs out by summer!!
little but awesome step with the pediasure too ;) that is exciting..

Alicia said...

Looks and sounds like a fun time! I love the first pic of Mikan sitting on the couch. He looks so grown up!

Praying for good results for his trach and capping.