Thursday, December 31, 2009

Living Dangerously

A video from Christmas: Mikan trying out Nina's playset.

Mikan still has a lot of secretions, and we haven't been able to cap him. He has an appointment with the ENT next week so we will at least be able to get his ears checked again. We will also be scheduling his next scope at that time.

After a huge ordeal that I don't feel like detailing in this post, we finally ordered Mikan a different g-tube that does not have a balloon. It will be changed in the doctor's office by a pediatric GI that we are going to see in Ft. Wayne as soon as the new tube arrives. Hopefully we will have more success with this one.


DevonLeah said...

loved the clip! This kid just makes me smile. I hope this new tube works out for ya!

Michelle and Sean said...

That looks like so much fun!!

I hope he gets better soon. Tis the season. How frustrating.

Maggie has a g-tube that doesn't have a balloon. I hope it works better for him. Hers keeps coming loose so she may have to get a new one. They had to sedate her to get it in. Hopefully they won't need to do that with Mikan.

Our prayers are with you. And as usual he is still cuter than ever.

Hope said...

I love the video. He has the sweetest smile. I hope the new tube works better.

Alicia said...

I love the video, what a little daredevil!

I hope capping can start soon. And I really hope the g-tube issues will be resolved when he gets the new kind.

Hugs and prayers...