Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Keep on Truckin' Updated

Mikan eating some cracker crumbs...the only food he eats with consistency besides ice cream.

Mikan is now on prednisolone to help kick whatever he's got. We ended up taking him in on Sunday and he had an ear infection (still no fever), so now he's also on Augmentin in addition to his feedings. We haven't seen much improvement. He still has a steady cough and a clear runny nose, but his attitude is fine.

Some recent new signs are "bike," "hot," "book," "work," and "signing time."

Next week we visit the ENT so update her on his airway status. Since we haven't been able to cap him these last few weeks, I'm only anticipating another waiting period before we even think about scheduling a scope.

The weather is getting cooler here, but we've only had a dusting of snow. Mikan can't wait for the lake effect to get started so he can go sledding!

*Please pray for John's cousin Nick and his wife Jenny who just delivered their second child, Henry, at 28 weeks gestation. So far he is needing minimal CPAP support, so we are praying for his continued progress.


Hope said...

I'm sorry he's sick and I hope he feels better fast. I'll be interested to see what his ENT says next week.

Michelle and Sean said...

Love this pic!! This kiddo just gets cuter and cuter! You guys are going to have your hands full when he gets older. Well, maybe you already do. LOL I hope all the meds help him. That is so awesome that he is learning all of those signs. We are keeping you guys in our prayers.

DevonLeah said...

it is a waiting game, huh? Ive learned to wait a lot this year...
Hope he is better soon...cute little thing!

Michelle and Sean said...

Hey quick question for you. When Mikan wears his pm valve does he sound like darth vader? Maggie is so loud when she wears it, with every breath. Do you think that means she is not tolerating it? So to bother you. Nobody else seems to be able to help me and since Mikan has been wearing his a lot I thought maybe you could help me. Let me know thank you. Still praying for you guys hope things are going well.

Michelle and Sean said...

Thank you very much! Maggie does do a lot of pausing when she is using it. She will kind of stop for a second and then you can hear her try to force the air out. The doctor didn't really say too much. He just said that she sounded like she was still having a lot of stridor with it and said he wasn't too sure if she was struggling enough that she wasn't tolerating it. When I asked if we should keep using it he didn't answer me. So maybe I need to talk to him again or something. She is really loud and seems to really have to concentrate on breathing when using it. Thank you for your help. I just wasn't sure because on your videos with Mikan using his I can't really hear him and I wasn't sure if that was just not being picked up.