Sunday, December 20, 2009

Early Christmas Break Present

So at around 5:50 am Friday, Jenna was doing the morning Mikan routine. I was starting the fire. She says, "Mikan's G-Tube is out."
I say, "Put it back in."
She says, "I don't know where it is at."
So I ran to get the emergency bag with the extra g-tube. The hole in his stomach was pretty dry by this time, we don't really know how long the tube had been out. Jenna took the new g-tube and tried to force it into his stomach while I held down his arms and legs, but to no avail.

At this point, I was thinking, "Is he making the decision to eat all of his food today? Probably not, as we currently rejoice the fact that he licks milk."

We then contemplated further action. We knew if we didn't get it in, we were headed to the ER and who knows what would have happened next. Maybe some topical anesthesia, but we didn't want to make that trip. Then I took a cotton tipped aplicator (one ended q-tip) and put it into the g-tube to give it some rigidity to get into his closing hole.
I tried a couple of times, then finally got it in.

It was now 6:00 am. G-Tube back in. Jenna's Christmas Break was off to a great start.

We're not sure how long the g-tube had been out. We don't know if that was the right thing to do. We are probably going to see a G-I guy sometime in Indy or Fort Wayne. However, if you are a G-I guy and you want to do a free house call instead of having us schedule an appointment, please let us know.


Hope said...

I'm sorry I'm no GI guy :(
I'm glad you got it back in. Hopefully the rest of the holiday break will be less stressful!

Colleen said...

So glad you got to avoid taking Mikan to the ER. We've had some interesting moments trying to get the g-tube back in and even had to go with a smaller size once.

Jamie said...

i wish i knew a gi guy in your area but alas i do not. i will have to ask the doctor in the family and see if he might know of anybody. here's to hoping you have no further issues!

DevonLeah said...

that stinks =( but glad it is in!! Im so sick of gtubes ( ofcourse thakful for them too) but I was LOL over your licking milk comment. I was excited over licking graham crackers last month and now he hates them....
Glad no ER trip!! ((hugs))

Colton's Journey said...

Oh man... what a start to the break for you both! So glad that you got it back in. Those ER trips for tubes are not fun. No GI here either. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Oh man! I think we've all had one of those g-tube moments. I know we have. We were ready to go to the ER when I decided I was going to MAKE it work. LOL She barely whimpered, but I was scared to push it. Thankfully I got it in, and thank goodness you were able to get Mikan's back in!