Saturday, November 21, 2009

News Story and Mom of the Year Dinner

I didn't win Mom of the Year, but we had a wonderful time. I wanted to post the link to the news story of Mikan. They didn't upload video to the website, but here is the link to the story:

WSBT Story

Aunt Debbie, Nina, me, Alexa, Angela, Aunt Cindy

Me and Angela (my wonderful friend who nominated me for this honor)

The March of Dimes Mom of the Year Award Dinner was a blast! I saw a lot of family and friends, and some of Mikan's nurses even attended. The winner of the award lost a child after three months in the hospital. She was born at 27 weeks. All of the finalists had pretty profound stories. It was an honor to attend.

Mikan's g-tube problem is solved for now. He now has a fully functioning g-tube in his stomach without tape wrapped around his abdomen. We also have a back-up. Hopefully these last longer than the first ones.


Colton's Journey said...

i think thats awesome you were published and nominated...yeah!

Jamie said...

Congratulations, Jenna! Even though you didn't win the award, to Mikan, I'm sure you are hands down the winner of Mom of the Year!

Hope said...

Congrats on being nominated!! You should've won. You rock:)

Michelle and Sean said...

That is so great!! How nice to be nominated for such an amazing award.

I am so glad the g-tube problem is fixed for now.

You guys are great!! Hope you have a great holiday!!