Thursday, October 15, 2009

Doctor Appointment Updates and a Little Karaoke

Mikan's glasses prescription has worsened enough that we need to buy some new lenses. His doctor said he wasn't sure if his eyes actually worsened, or if he just couldn't quite get his prescription correct the first time because Mikan was so young and wiggly. Either way we are buying new lenses. John had a few cynical words to say about that after we got home.

Mikan's trach changes have been a little difficult the last few times. This is unusual for him. His ENT said it may be because he is getting bigger and stronger, therefore he can constrict his airway easier when he is mad. It also may be because he has something growing around the inside of his stoma. Hopefully it is not the latter. We're supposed to monitor it for the next few weeks and call her to let her know how they go. She thinks Mikan will need another scope done to check out his airway again sometime in the next several months. Meanwhile, we're supposed to increase our capping for the next 6-8 weeks, till we see her again.

Mikan has been trying to cruise. Notice the bruise on his forehead. This is a short video of an attempt and then a fall.

John has been teaching Mikan to read not only with baby books, but also online karaoke. Last night was Bon Jovi night. I don't think John knows I'm posting this video...yet. If Mikan's malacia doesn't prevent him from being a star on American Idol, then the genes he inherited surely will.

Also, please pray for Maggie. She is close to Mikan's age with more complex health issues and her parents just found out that she contracted the swine flu.


Life in the Bend said...

Judging from the second video, Mikan may also go deaf from listening to his dad's singing long before he's old enough to qualify for AI. :)That is a hilarious video.

Jamie said...

hahaha...tell john to keep his day job! so happy to see mikan cruising around. praying for positive ENT news in the weeks to come.

Alicia said...

That really sucks about the glasses! And I hope for Mikan's sake that there is nothing growing around his trach to make changes more difficult.

So glad he is trying to cruise! That is awesome, in spite of the bruises!

OK, saved the best for last.

John, I'm sorry Jenna subjected you to this humiliation.

Jenna, thank you for subjecting John to this humiliation for our entertainment purposes. That was great!!! ; )

Michelle and Sean said...

Thank you so much for the prayers!! That's great that Mikan is cruising. And I love the singing!! That was awesome!! I hope they got the prescription right this time and hopefully there won't be much change next time. We are praying for Mikans airway. I really hope that it is an easy fix.

Paul said...


Sounds a lot like the phone messages that Jake has been leaving me lately.

Hope said...

I don't know how I missed this post. I'm sorry about the glasses. That's great about the cruising, though!! There was a guy on American Idol who had a trach as a child. I don't remember why, though.

Mikan is always adorable!