Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chillin' and Playin'

We're still waiting on Mikan's glasses to be finished, but he doesn't seem to be missing them.

Mikan watching a Signing Time video.

Playing in the tunnel his PT let us borrow.

Mikan is still healthy so far even though H1N1 is now rampant at the school where John and I work. We are doing our best to stay healthy for Mikan. So far so good.


Angela Saoud said...

Mikan looks adorable in his tube! I want to come visit you guys, but am trying to keep the germs away. Love to you all!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Mikan looks so good in these pictures. His face looks so much older and more mature lately to me. :)

Come visit my blog, I left you an award on it!

Alicia said...

Marissa loves Signing Time too! I hope and pray you can stay away from H1N1. Are you guys going to get Mikan the vaccine? We're still on the fence but are now leaning more toward getting it for her.

Colleen said...

That tube looks pretty cool! He is looking more and more grown up in the pictures. The H1N1 flu is a scary thing. I hope Mikan will continue to stay healthy this respiratory season.

Michelle and Sean said...

I'm so glad you guys haven't gotten the swine flu! Mikan is so cute! He looks so serious! He looks like he is doing really good. We are praying for you guys to stay healthy!!