Sunday, October 11, 2009

Apple Season

Even Mikan is enjoying apple season. Although he only licks them, you can tell he has a good time. He prefers cupping the entire apple in his two hands rather than picking up individual slices.

Another exciting update: Mikan now signs "mom" and "dad." He usually practices these signs throughout the day; he hasn't yet used them to ask for one of us. He's probably more at the mimicking stage; nevertheless, we're pretty happy for him.

Like most of the country I think, we have been wondering where the fall season transition to winter went. All of our walks this month have us bundling up in winter gear. Mikan isn't too thrilled about the mittens and hat, but he's getting used to them.

We have an eye doctor and ENT appointment this week. Hopefully it's all good news.


Jamie said...

i love videos of mikan! he seems to be doing so really well! hope all goes well this week with his appointments.

Hope said...

Isn't he a cutie! That's great that he's signing. WTG Mikan!

Colleen said...

He's loving that apple. So cute! That's great that he's progressing with his sign language.

DevonLeah said...

love it! love those cheeks!