Sunday, October 25, 2009

Can Mikan See Autumn?

We have a HUGE sycamore tree in our backyard. The leaves are bigger than Mikan's head. We tried to capture the size in a picture, but Mikan wasn't as excited about the leaf as we were.

We had to sneak it next to him when he wasn't looking.

After several tries, he finally decided it was ok to touch it.

Last Thursday John and I attended the Northern Indiana Division's Annual March of Dimes Chef's Auction. The coordinator put together a collage of Mikan's pictures that were displayed along with several other collages of babies. I was asked to give a brief update on Mikan for the event, another ambassador family spoke, one of Mikan's neonatologists received an award, and several meal packages were auctioned off to benefit March of Dimes. We had a nice evening out enjoying appetizers from South Bend's best chefs. From what I understand, the auction was pretty successful.

We just got Mikan's glasses back, but they don't fit him well at all. We have to take them back to get readjusted. I'm also considering getting a second opinion about his prescription. It changed so drastically that I am curious to see what another ophthalmologist might prescribe. Right now his presciption reads: Spherical O.D. -10.00, O.S. -11.00, Cylindrical O.D. +3.50, O.S. +3.50. I'm not sure what all of this means, I've just been told that it is severe. He seems to enjoy being outside even without his glasses, I'm just not sure how much of it he sees.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chillin' and Playin'

We're still waiting on Mikan's glasses to be finished, but he doesn't seem to be missing them.

Mikan watching a Signing Time video.

Playing in the tunnel his PT let us borrow.

Mikan is still healthy so far even though H1N1 is now rampant at the school where John and I work. We are doing our best to stay healthy for Mikan. So far so good.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Doctor Appointment Updates and a Little Karaoke

Mikan's glasses prescription has worsened enough that we need to buy some new lenses. His doctor said he wasn't sure if his eyes actually worsened, or if he just couldn't quite get his prescription correct the first time because Mikan was so young and wiggly. Either way we are buying new lenses. John had a few cynical words to say about that after we got home.

Mikan's trach changes have been a little difficult the last few times. This is unusual for him. His ENT said it may be because he is getting bigger and stronger, therefore he can constrict his airway easier when he is mad. It also may be because he has something growing around the inside of his stoma. Hopefully it is not the latter. We're supposed to monitor it for the next few weeks and call her to let her know how they go. She thinks Mikan will need another scope done to check out his airway again sometime in the next several months. Meanwhile, we're supposed to increase our capping for the next 6-8 weeks, till we see her again.

Mikan has been trying to cruise. Notice the bruise on his forehead. This is a short video of an attempt and then a fall.

John has been teaching Mikan to read not only with baby books, but also online karaoke. Last night was Bon Jovi night. I don't think John knows I'm posting this video...yet. If Mikan's malacia doesn't prevent him from being a star on American Idol, then the genes he inherited surely will.

Also, please pray for Maggie. She is close to Mikan's age with more complex health issues and her parents just found out that she contracted the swine flu.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Apple Season

Even Mikan is enjoying apple season. Although he only licks them, you can tell he has a good time. He prefers cupping the entire apple in his two hands rather than picking up individual slices.

Another exciting update: Mikan now signs "mom" and "dad." He usually practices these signs throughout the day; he hasn't yet used them to ask for one of us. He's probably more at the mimicking stage; nevertheless, we're pretty happy for him.

Like most of the country I think, we have been wondering where the fall season transition to winter went. All of our walks this month have us bundling up in winter gear. Mikan isn't too thrilled about the mittens and hat, but he's getting used to them.

We have an eye doctor and ENT appointment this week. Hopefully it's all good news.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Fall Experiences

Since the last post Mikan has...
-Fed leaves to a goat
-Watched someone play a banjo, fiddle, guitar, mandolin, and drums
-Helped make homemade cider
-Touched a horse
-Learned the dad sign
-Started to cruise along the couch
-Gotten a little better at emulating noises
-Tolerated swinging at the park without someone holding his hands

He has levels with his signs:
Uses frequently and appropriately-Up and Eat
Uses randomly-Dad and more
His sign for mom is simply reaching towards her and whining

We have gone for a walk each night over the past week. We are trying to toughen him up a little bit.